Christmas Event Is Hot

Time To End:
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Qinnu Outdoor Store's Christmas event is hot:
1. Customers who spend over $ 29.99 in the chenno store can automatically get a discount code of 9.99 yuan for products in the free category after payment, and customers who spend over $ 49.99 can automatically get a discount of $ 14.99 for products in the store's fee category Code, discount code is only applicable to all products under Free, one order can only be used once, and one customer can only be used once. The event ends from today to December 31, 2019. (There are 11 products under Free, and the prices are 9.99USD and 14.99USD.)
2. Customers can follow our Facebook (Karma Sampol) and follow us, forward and recommend our stores, store activities and store website ( for 3 consecutive days, and then need to inform me by private letter, after I review , Will send customers a manual discount code of 9.99 in the store fee category.
3. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the chenno store. If the customer uses the event discount code to purchase other products, we will consider the purchase invalid, and we will regret to cancel this illegal order.